Run Logan Run | Heavy Spiritual Jazz from Bristol, UK

On Air / Online

"Beautiful energy to this... Album title of the year!" – Jamie Cullum (BBC Radio 2)

"This is so good... Bristol massive Run Logan Run... it's a vibe, I'm into it, awesome stuff" – Tom Ravenscroft (BBC Radio 6 Music)

"My 'Beat of The Week'" – Huey Morgan (BBC Radio 6 Music)

"It sounds like the past, present and future all rolled into a five-minute song... Unlike a lot of albums that come out all guns blaring, then fade away when you realise the majority of the ideas for the album were in that one incendiary opening track, RLR backs it up again and again." – Nick Roseblade (Clash Music) 8/10

"A great festival dancing vibe" – Corey Mwamba (BBC Radio3)

"Wildly inventive." – Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6 Music)

"Great guys... Love the band... love the track... absolutely banging, Comet Is Coming vibes" – Nick Lewis (Soho Radio / Ronnie Scott's / KOKO)

"The movement has gathered such momentum though, because of the irresistable force of bands such as RLR - tenor sax and drums at their most propulsive and compelling" – Louder Than War (Jon Kean)

"Monolithic, sonically hypnotic, relentlessly infectious and watching them play is like watching twin Prospero's summoning the weather" – Paul Cook (Joyzine)

"A raw, aggressive, and unrelentingly creative sound." – Robin Murray (Clash Music)

"This album is a triumph. It’s music for the music connoisseur at its finest." – Aislinn Keogh (Tap The Feed)

"Hard to categorize, their sound is visionary, merging jazz with electronic music, often entrancing and hypnotic bordering on spiritual and enlightened." – Sébastien Hélary (Next Bop)

"Parameter-defying." – Tina Edwards (EZH Mag)

In Print

"Tenor saxophonist Andrew Neil Hayes' first outing with new drummer Matt Brown cleaves to RLR's core principles - layering up a pedal treated hail of notes over polyrhythmic flurries desperately seeking transcendence" – Andy Cowan (MOJO Magazine) ****

"While it adds up to a bigger production sound than previous RLR recordings, paradoxically is somehow more accurately reflects the often visceral impact of their live performances" – Tony Benjamin (Jazzwise) ****

"the saxophonist's horn pushed through cavernous reverb and the drummers kit sounding like it's coming from the bottom of a mineshaft" – Phil Freeman (The Wire)

"This Bristol-based drum and saxophone duo impressed the jury with their mastery of improvisation and their exploration of contrasts, between spiritual jazz and raw power." – (Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland)

"Haunting, visceral and free." – Thomas Rees (Jazzwise Magazine)

"Trance-like, the mesmerising patterns build and warp, fomenting a series of emotional responses - this is deeply feeling music." – Dave Foxall (Jazz Journal)

"Never sounding too sparse, you can quickly forget that Run Logan Run is the work of only two musicians." – Lottie Brazier (Electronic Sound)

"Run Logan Run ought to be exactly where it's at." – Daniel Spicer (The Wire)

"An evocative and mesmerising masterpiece. The Delicate Balance... is compiled of hypnotic soundscapes and pounding beats, resonating with just about every emotion that the human consciousness is capable of." – Kelly Ronaldson (Bristol Live Magazine)

"The perfect cast for the second concert of Heidelberg's 'Late Night Stranger' series." – (Kalle Magazine, Germany)

"A clutch of songs that feature everything from tribal pounding to jazzy loops that astonish as they beguile. Arresting stuff.." – Graham Massey (The Crack)